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Garfield Medical Center's Future Physician Medical Summer Camp 2011

Garfield Medical Center hosted its First Annual Future Physicians Medical Summer Camp in July 2011 for high school and college students interested in pursuing a career in medicine. The camp provides participants with first hand exposure to medicine and a glimpse into the daily activities of physicians.

Nearly 80 students attended the camp. Of those, 40 students attended the college session the week of
July 11th and 39 attended the high school session the week of July 18 th.

The AHMC Health Foundation awarded a total of $16,000 in scholarships. 32 students were awarded a $500 scholarship from the Foundation, covering the full amount of the tuition fee. Students were awarded the scholarship based on financial necessity and academic merit.

Below is a list of the scholarship recipients, including their city of residency.

Scholarship Recipients
  1. William Arnold
  2. Felix Chen
  3. Grace Chen
  4. Yu-Chen (Karen) Cheng
  5. Sarah Cheng
  6. Alexandra Deal
  7. Julie Dinh
  8. Jack Djabourian
  9. Zenni Duong
  10. Adrianna Hernandez
  11. Kimberly Ho
  12. Clara Hua
  13. Gloria Kim
  14. Michelle Kung
  15. Andy Lee
  16. Janice Li
  17. Joseph Liao
  18. Eva Moc
  19. Jenny Nhan
  20. Kristin Obligacion
  21. Ingrid Roldan
  22. Sariely Sandoval
  23. Chunyi Shen
  24. Dang Sia
  25. Peik Sia
  26. Albert Tai
  27. Benny Teng
  28. Patrick Tran
  29. Calvin Wong
  30. Tsung-Yu Yang
  31. Reyes Zaragoza, Jr.
  32. CatherineYi Yin Zhang
City of Residency

  1. Monrovia
  2. Walnut
  3. Beaumont
  4. Rowland Heights
  5. Arcadia
  6. Huntington Beach
  7. Garden Grove
  8. Pasadena
  9. Monterey Park
  10. Los Angeles
  11. Monterey Park
  12. Alhambra
  13. South Pasadena
  14. Claremont
  15. Walnut
  16. Monterey Park
  17. Arcadia
  18. Alhambra
  19. Alhambra
  20. La Palma
  21. South Pasadena
  22. Ventura
  23. Monterey Park
  24. Fremont
  25. Fremont
  26. Rowland Heights
  27. Diamond Bar
  28. San Gabriel
  29. Alhambra
  30. Cerritos
  31. Lynwood
  32. Monterey Park

Below are the unique stories of two students who were awarded scholarships to attend the Medical Summer Camp.